Timaru Boys High School maintains the tradition of a school uniform enabling the boys to have a sense of pride and belonging.

  • The uniform makes the school identifiable in the community.
  • The uniform encourages a sense of pride in the school.
  • The uniform provides all students with functional, economic and appropriate clothing.
  • The uniform encourages students to participate to their full potential on school occasions.

Uniform Schedule

School uniforms are required both in and out of school - details are given on school occasions as detailed in the rules. The uniform should be worn correctly at school and out of school. It should be clean and neat. Students needing exemptions must report to their Dean(s). Parents and the school expect a high standard of grooming.

  • No jewellery or articles of adornment are to be worn.
  • No underclothing is to be visible.
  • Students must be clean shaven.
  • Hair is to be clean, tidy and well groomed. It must be able to be brushed with a standard brush or comb, clear of the face or tied back as requested, to the satisfaction of the Rector or his nominees. Artificial hair colouring must be confined to natural hair colours.
  • All articles of clothing must be marked with the owner's name
  • It is essential that students take care of their uniform and other personal property.

Junior uniform - Years 9 & 10

grey long sleeved shirt
lightweight navy walk shorts
grey trousers with black or blue belt - winter option terms 2 & 3
blue jersey with school winged sandal logo
black school socks with white/blue/white band with shorts
or black or dark grey socks with winter trousers
black leather shoes that can be polished


Senior uniform - Years 11, 12 & 13

white long sleeved shirt
school tie (navy blue with narrow blue and silver stripe). Year 13 have their own regulation tie
blue jersey with school winged sandal logo
lightweight navy walk shorts or grey long trousers with black or blue belt
black school socks with white/blue/white band with shorts
black or dark grey socks with trousers
black leather shoes that can be polished
school blazer (compulsory)

Optional items

Boys are permitted to wear:

  • sandals as part of their uniform at the discretion of the Rector
  • the regulation scarf (10cm blue and white stripes), floppy sunhat, cap and beanie may be part of the uniform where appropriate and approved.

Physical Education uniform


For physical education classes all boys are required to have:-

suitable footwear with non-marking soles
white sports socks
school blue (nylon or cotton) athletic shorts
blue school sports top (Physical Education short and top can be purchased at the student office). The White polo top is allowed until phased out.

Boys are not permitted to do physical education in normal school uniform.

Sports team uniforms

For school sports teams boys wear school blue shorts with the appropriate jersey or singlet for that sport. Tracksuits may be worn but these must be in the correct school blue colour; sets of tracksuits are available for hire. School sports jackets may be worn where appropriate.

Approved school jackets

These can only be brought through the school office. Only approved school jackets are to be worn to and from school or within the school.