ImageWe hope that next year will be enjoyable and rewarding. Setting clear learning goals and thinking about career options is most important.

Do seek out guidance from class teachers, deans, career advisor and the school counsellor as the need arises. There are many in the school ready to help. A good all round website that has great advice is Kiwi Careers (

The aim of this section is to help you plan and select your course for next year in Years 11, 12 or 13. These notes will be revised if or when there are changes in the syllabus or regulations. Every effort will be made to provide a course of study that meets the needs of each student, and consultation and advice on courses will be given.

Contact the school and arrange a meeting with us to discuss which areas you need planning assistance with. We are always happy to give the help you might need and can quickly put you in touch with those most able to answer your questions.

Nick McIvor


  • read through all pages in this section carefully
  • check your career requirements
  • know the prerequisites (what must be studied beforehand and the level to be achieved)
  • plan ahead (what your course leads to)
  • consult with the adults you live with, and with the teachers in charge of subjects.

Getting started

ImageYears 9 and 10 have a set core of subjects that must be studied and optional subjects which are taken either on a semester rotation or as a full year course. All aspects of the technology curriculum are completed by students over a two year cycle.

Years 11, 12 and 13 students have a wider range of options available to them. At Year 11, English and Mathematics are compulsory while at Year 12 English is compulsory. There are no compulsory subjects at Year 13.

The Course Planning page provides useful information about how the curriculum is organised at TBHS as well as some general information.

To find out what courses are available at each year level visit the
Year 9 - 10 or Year 11 -13 year level information pages.

The Subject Progression charts will help you plan a possible future path through the school as it links the various subjects into pathways and provides detailed information about most senior courses.

The NQF / NCEA / TKI page provides useful links to external sites as well as displaying the end of year NCEA examinations timetable. The, How NCEA Works page provides useful information for those new to this form of assessment.

View the downloads in the left hand column for additional information or visit the Downloads page to view all downloads.