Enrolment Contract


When parents enrol their son in Thomas House they are asked to pay a $500 bond that will be refunded once their son leaves the hostel provided there are no outstanding expenses. The bond will not be refunded if the student has been withdrawn without adequate notification or he has been asked to leave.

Parents will also be asked to sign an Enrolment Contract with the Board of Trustees at this time. The terms and conditions of the contract will continue to apply each year of their son's residence in Thomas House.

One term's prior notification in writing of intention to withdraw your son from the hostel must be given to the Board of Trustees. The Enrolment Contract is available as a download.

Boarding Fees

The Board of Trustees Hostel Committee has confirmed the boarding fees for 2015 as $11,500 p.a. (GST incl). This will be charged in three instalments over three terms at the rate of $3,833.33.  Accounts will be mailed regularly and all invoices are due within four weeks. Direct credit is encouraged in instalments to suit you. Enquiries regarding fees should be forwarded to Mrs Lyn Stewart,

Medical Fee

Parents/Caregivers are required to pay a $200 Medical Fee. This fee is used to cover doctor’s visits, prescriptions, transport for medical, physiotherapy and dental appointments and other authorised transport to music, sports practices and the bus. Any surplus money will be refunded to you at the end of your son’s time in Thomas House.

Board of Trustees Hostel Committee

Thomas House is administered by the Hostel Committee of the Timaru Boys' High School Board of Trustees. The Committee meets once a month and is comprised of three members of the Board, the Rector, the Director of Boarding, the Business Manager, a representative of the Thomas House Parents' Association and a representative from the boarders.

Hostel Parents' Association

ImageWe value parental input into the boarding house. There is a Hostel Parents' Association that meets four times a year.

First Term - light meal at the hostel with boys and meeting on a Friday night

Second Term - social events such as dinner at a restaurant and rugby trip

Third Term - light meal at the hostel with boys and meeting on a Friday night

Fourth Term - dinner at a restaurant

Hostel Parents' meetings are an ideal time, particularly for parents from some distance, to meet the Rector, Director of Boarding and Residential Manager to discuss any issues that may be concerning you. We need the support of our parents.

The school holds Parent Teacher interviews during the term in the evenings but if this time is not convenient for you special arrangements can be made to meet your son's deans or teachers.